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Providing plumbing services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. We will design and install your new systems or upgrade, maintain, repair and service an existing one.

Residential Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing

Industrial Plumbing

Plumbing services are as essential to your home or business. As a result, if minor plumbing issues such as leaky pipes and gurgling toilets go unnoticed or even ignored, it could lead to a crisis in the coming days. Not addressing these issues as soon as possible may significantly damage your home improvement. Stadtke offers a comprehensive range of plumbing services in the Northumberland area to help you avoid a disaster. If you suspect any signs of a problem, from a dripping tap to a broken pipe, it is best to contact us immediately to stop the plumbing issues and problem before it worsens. Our plumbing services includes:

  • Drain cleaning and video inspection
  • Specialized plumbing cleaning, augers and cutting tools
  • Sink drains, shower and tub drains, toilet drains and floor drains
    From kitchen to bathroom to basement – We will clear the drain an get your home comfort systems back to working order
  • Frozen pipes
    If you suspect your pipes are frozen don’t panic – just call us and we will be there quickly to safely thaw your pipes
  • Pumps
    Submersible and sump pumps, Sewage pumps, pressure tanks
  • Repair and installation of toilets, sinks, tubs, showers and dishwashers
  • Galvanized pipe replacement

Stadtke is now certified and offering the testing and installation of Backflow systems.

Residential Plumbing:

We provide comprehensive and emergency plumbing services to keep your home fully operational and up to code. Whether you have issues with your pipes, drainage, dishwasher installation, roofing, or gas fitting, we can assist you and provide a thorough result on which you can rely. 

Our services include:

  • Leaky Taps and Faucets
  • Drain Snake and Powerflush
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Unclogging Kitchen Sinks
  • Installation and Repair of Sump Pumps
  • Gas Fittings
  • Blocked Drains
  • Sewer Maintenance
  • Drainage System
  • Dishwasher and Washing Machine Installation
  • Renovation work
  • New homes
  • Pumps
  • Water softener
  • Well pump repair
  • UV lights + filter
  • Softeners
  • Water conditioning, we will provide free analysis of your water detecting hardness, iron and water testing

Commercial Plumbing:

Plumbing is an essential part of your business that most owners take for granted. However, whether you own a retail store, a prominent manufacturer, or a small workshop, your business cannot function without a clean, compliant, and efficient water supply and sanitation system.

Our services include:

    • Internal plumbing accordion to sanitation regulations
    • External plumbing – Drainage, Sewage & Water Disposal
    • Internal and External Leak Detection
    • Blockage and Pipe clearing
    • CCTV Inspections and lining Services for Ageing Pipework
    • Water Softeners and Filtration Pumps
    • Water Heater Installation – single office or full developments
    • Washroom and Hygiene Station Plumbing and Sanitary Wear
    • Backflow testing
    • General plumbing repairs

    Industrial Plumbing:

    Providing industrial plumbing installations, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance in accordance with state regulations and industry best practices. Our plumbers are knowledgeable and have the latest tools to get the job done right.

    Our industrial plumbing services include:

    • Service
    • Drain work + camera
    • Rain water leaders (roof drains)
    • General plumbing repairs
    • Backflow testing

    Why work with us on your plumbing project?

    Using cutting-edge technology to diagnose and repair your plumbing issues quickly allows us to support you with excellence. We inspect the entire plumbing system to determine the root cause of the problem, which could be leaky, cracked, crushed, or misaligned plumbing pipes. 


    • Our plumbing services are available  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

    • We take full responsibility for all your plumbing requirements and challenges. Our professional and qualified plumbers can assist you in Northumberland and surrounding areas.

    • We handle all plumbing projects – big or small.

    • Our experienced and highly educated team can assess and remediate quickly and efficiently.

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        Your Plumbing FAQ’s answered

        What are the most common plumbing problems?
        • Sewer and kitchen back ups,
        • Toilet leaks
        • Shower/faucet leaks, hot water tank leaks or replacements
        • Well issues
        • No water calls
        What is sump pump overflow?
        Pipe that leads to another system 
        How do I know if I need a professional plumber?
        You always need a professional licensed plumber. To ensure your work is up to code and operational, we recommend you always contact a licensed professional to help with plumbing issues. 
        What are some things I should look for when choosing a plumber?
        Look for a plumber that is (perhaps can be in point form?) Licensed, insured, good reputation and one that is available.
        Do you need a plumber to install a washing machine?
        Yes. The unit may not fit in the space, the plumbing may need to be altered and the electrical socket might be the wrong rating. It is best to have a licensed professional install your washing machine.