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Water & Wells 

Access to clean drinking water

At Stadtke, we understand the importance of having a dependable water well system for rural areas. Our water well contractors are licensed by the Ministry of Environment Ontario to ensure that you’re getting the best quality water possible without any surprises. We offer water well maintenance and services to access clean water more easily in Cobourg, ON and surrounding areas—all at an affordable price! With our expertise, you can trust us to provide reliable water sources no matter what climate conditions may come your way. Don’t let unpredictable weather leave you high and dry – get access to clean drinking water with Stadtke!

Stay Current & Risk Free

Water wells are a common water source for many households. Prior to 1990, water well systems often featured an open pit design which is now considered sub-standard in accordance to the Ministry of Environment’s modern regulations. As these wells are more prone to contamination from coliform bacteria, E. coli and other pollutants, it’s important to upgrade your water well system with a well extension or replace it entirely to reduce the risk of water contamination and ensure that water supplies remain safe and healthy. Stadtke Heating and Plumbing has the expertise and right tools needed for installing new water wells or upgrading existing ones quickly and efficiently in line with all applicable regulations. With Stadtke on your side, you can rest assured that your water supply will be clean.

Cistern Installation

Cisterns provide a great solution for water wells that are low-flowing or located in areas with no access to water. We offer professional cistern installation services to ensure you have the water supply you need.

Our team of experts can help you select from a range of shapes and sizes so that your cistern is tailored to your needs. With our expertise, you can enjoy the convenience of having water available when and where it’s needed without relying on unreliable water wells. Let us help provide you with reliable access to safe, potable water today!

    We Also Offer

    • Cisterns/reservoirs installation and maintenance and cleaning
    • Decommissioning of wells
    • Excavation of water lines
    • Jet pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible Pressure switches
    • Pressure Tanks & Pressure Gauges
    • Providing water at paddocks or barns
    • Pump replacements and installations
    • Pump protection system
    • Replacement of floats, mechanical and electrical
    • Well extensions
    • Well-feeding ponds, reservoirs for irrigation systems for farms and golf courses
    • Well seals

    Well Water Installation and Repair Services

    We are Licenced by the Ministry of the Environment to work on Well systems and Pumps.

    Without well water, running your home and business can be near impossible. That’s why well maintenance and repair is so important; any time water pumping or drawing stops due to breakdowns can have a hugely detrimental effect. Fortunately, Stadtke Plumbing & Heating has well water installation professionals on hand who can help with all residential and commercial well water needs. Our team doesn’t just provide well installations, but also repairs and preventative maintenance services that ensure pumping and drawing of well water remains uninterrupted, giving you even more peace of mind.

    So if you need well services, don’t hesitate – get in touch with Stadtke Plumbing & Heating today!

        Water Softeners

        Canadian made water softeners provide the quality and longevity that cannot be matched by those made offshore.

        Choose Stadtke Plumbing and Heating for your water conditioning needs. Many of the water systems in our area require treatment to ensure that your pipes and fixtures will work efficiently and have a long life. We will ensure that the proper softener will be installed for your family’s needs.

        Call us for all your water treatment needs from Reverse Osmosis systems, to Filters and Ultraviolet purification systems.

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            Your well water installation, repair and maintenance questions answered.

            How do I know if my well needs maintenance?

            If you have sediment problems or a water shortage, this is a good indication that your well needs to be cleaned out.

            How do I maintain my well?

            You can maintain your well by doing the following: 

            • clean your well –
            • don’t over use water
            • do not water your lawn
            • do not fill your pool
            I think there's something wrong with my well, who do I call?

            If your well has an issue, contact Well Busters or Stadtke Plumbing & Heating for inspection

            What are the dangers of not maintaining my well?

            If you do not maintain your well, you run the risk of:

            • Water shortages
            • Sediment problems
            • Equipment failure due to sediment, i.e. water softener